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Corey Bray

University of Alabama at Birmingham

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University of Alabama at Birmingham


Forward-thinking and versatile sport administrator offering 17+ years of comprehensive achievements and key contributions in the areas of sport administration, rules compliance and student-athlete development within the intercollegiate athletics industry. Formidable track record of success in analyzing policies and procedures, implementing improvements, and multitasking to meet deadlines efficiently under pressure. Consistently produce results by being an organized, detail oriented self-starter while maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the big picture.

Proven leader with flexible management style and reputation for being a team player who consistently exhibits ethical conduct. Possess top-rung management qualifications, acute athletics administration instincts, experience-backed judgment, and excellent written and verbal communication skills directed to a wide range of constituencies. Recognized for ability to incorporate innovative techniques that result in an enhanced student-athlete experience, better student-athlete academic performance, and increased team athletic performance.

Incredible passion for intercollegiate athletics resulting in: 1) a dedication to facilitating graduation through participation in intercollegiate athletics, 2) helping create productive citizens who contribute to society for life, and 3) winning championships. Adept at identifying key opportunities for enhancing an athletics department’s performance by providing leadership on matters related to NCAA and conference rules compliance, student-athlete development and sports services.


• Ethics and Integrity Above All Else
• Hunger for Excellence
• Servant Leadership
• Integration of Athletics into the Institution’s Educational Mission
• Accountability
• Sportsmanship, Class, and Respect
• Fiscal Responsibility
• Inclusive and Equitable Culture that Values Diversity